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PivotLok: Dedicated to making quality ball vise and work positioner systems
PivotLok designs and manufactures professional work positioner and ball vise tools.

What makes the PivotLok unique is how it can be applied to many uses either in commercial applications or for personal uses such as hobbies etc. We here at PivotLok know that the best way you can optimize the use of your PivotLok, or even consider the purchase of a PivotLok, is to have access to either generic or dedicated attachments and tooling. Even though we are the new kid on the block we already have more adapters, tooling and fixturing components including kits than the competition. They are not even close and we are just getting started! Our goal is to give the PivotLok more adaptability through the use of off the shelf components than any other bench top positioner out there.

Things to look for in the near future...

More mounting plates
More adapters
Vacuum fixtures

...Dedicated fixtures ...

Rifle and pistol service racks
Golf club holding fixtures
Musical instrument repair holding fixtures
Modeling build fixtures
Art board fixtures

... And a whole bunch more!!!!

You can see we are serious about what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it too! We also have other ball swivel units in the early design phase and will be introducing them in the future.

You really should try it in a different position for a change!

Thank You!... and keep checking back!!

PivotLok... Built to TILT!