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PivotLok Ball Vise Makes Hand Assembly Easier and Safer

April 14, 2010

PivotLok, a bench/pedestal mounted work positioner with advanced safety and efficiency features, gets a workpiece in just the right position to get the job done right. Used by companies such as Boeing, Harley-Davidson, and Polaris and many other companies, the PivotLok work positioner brings the work to the users hands. The PivotLok enables the user to easily mount and position a workpiece anywhere within a hemisphere with unlimited rotation. A simple depression of the lever allows the user to freely move the workpiece and by releasing it locks the workpiece securely into place significantly improving productivity.

The PivotLok facilitates hand tasks such as assembly, welding, soldering, or polishing that would normally require multiple positioning fixtures. It is no surprise that PivotLok Inc. uses the PivotLok to assemble its own products!

A key feature of the PivotLok that consistently outsmarts the competition is its easy adaptability to custom tooling and fixturing. A standard one inch diameter keyed socket in the pivot ball enables the user to easily mount his or her custom fixture. With ease of use driving its design and engineering, the PivotLok makes hand assembly in custom applications a lot more comfortable and convenient as well as safer. Other work positioners and ball vise make hand assembly more difficult by requiring the user to re-tighten a screw or to supply compressed air for pneumatic operation. With most work positioners, users consciously act to re-tighten the tension. Unhindered by the limitations competitor products commonly present, users of the PivotLok simply depress a lever to the desired position and release the lever to lock it in place, making their job easier AND safer.

"The PivotLok is a very real and functional tool that solves problems relating to working ergonomics, specifically the issue of finding the best way to do a job more productively, efficiently, and safely to reduce injuries on the job that can cost American manufacturers billions of dollars a year. Having a PivotLok is like having a couple of extra helping hands to do the job right... only better" says Jim West, President of PivotLok Inc.

About PivotLok Inc.

Through innovative design, prototyping and manufacturing under one roof, PivotLok creates ergonomic work positioner s and accessories that enhance work efficiency. The company's plans to develop new product lines include different size positioners as well as a broad line of tooling and fixturing add-on's. PivotLok Inc.'s current products include the PivotLok work positioner, threaded adapters, flange adapters as well as other attachments. Learn how the PivotLok makes hand tasks easier and safer while reducing on-the-job injuries: visit

Hands-Free, Hands-Off Locking

The word is catching on! People are finding out the real advantages of being able to easily place the work piece it the best position to do the job. Manufacturing engineers, production specialists as well as hobbyists are appreciating the “hands free, hands off locking” and positioning to be a real advantage in getting the job done faster, easier and safer. We now have multiple PivotLok’s in companies such as Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Harley-Davidson, Polaris, Fender Musical Instruments, Taylor Guitars, Pro Circuit, HR Textron and many more. Some of these companies have 30-50 units and one company has over 100!! No company has ever purchased just one unit. They always come back for more! Every time!

And there is a reason for this.

If you are looking for a tool that can increase productivity and makes the job faster and easier then the PivotLok work positioner is just the tool for you. Do what many others have done and choose PivotLok. It’s is “Built to Tilt”

Jim West, President, PivotLok Inc.